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LloydsPharmacy has now had to pause online bookings owing to unprecedented demand. “In the first week of flu season we have already vaccinated 10 times more people compared to last year,” a spokesperson said.

“We are reassuring customers that there are buy warfarin online uk enough vaccines available for those who have booked appointments.” The company was asking customers buy Tricor online to provide their contact details so it could get in touch when online booking resumed. Well Pharmacy, the third largest chain after Boots UK and LloydsPharmacy, said during the first week of their flu jab service there had been a 68% increase in uptake compared with the same week last year.

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Find contact information for UCL School of Pharmacy Academic, Research, Emeritus and Professional Services staff. Learn about our world-leading innovators and their work in the buy valtrex online fields of formulations, neurology, pharmacognosy and medicine use.

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