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Reward & loyalty card program

Linx Loyalty Program Options

Linx Points Reward Programs enable your customers to earn rewards/points based on their spending. You decide the award levels and how they are redeemed. Points can be converted to dollar value and added back on the card for customer redemption, or the points can be converted to product discounts, specials or additional free goods or services.

Linx Frequency Reward Programs offer your customers a flexible way to purchase a set number of items or accumulate a certain number of visits and then receive additional free or discounted goods or services. For example, purchase 5 cups of coffee and receive the next on free.

Linx Discount Reward Programs allow you to give customers a set % discount off your goods and/or services to customers that are loyalty program members. Percentages off can be loaded back on to the card and converted to cash for future spending at your business.

Additional Linx Program Offerings
  • Linx Wireless Gift & Loyalty. Deezers is the first to offer Linx Gift & Loyalty programs for mobile businesses
  • Linx Online. Customers can redeem Linx Gift Cards and earn loyalty points on line with our ecommerce programs
  • Linx Custom Express. Give customers their own completely customized Loyalty card with your logo on it while they wait
  • Linx City, Franchise & Partner Programs. Complete Linx Gift & Loyalty programs custom designed for multiple merchant/ location groups with pooled funding, full tracking & open or closed loop options
  • Linx Dealer Incentives. Web based national loyalty programs

Frequency Rewards Program:
Rewards are based on number of items purchased or number of visits.
1.) Buy 10 sandwiches get the 11th free.
2.) Visit 10 times & earn $$ on your card.

% Rebate Rewards Program:
Allows you to offer customer % cash reward.
  • Choose fixed % or graduated % based on $$ spent
  • Cash value can be loaded on card or reward voucher can be printed on receipt

Instant Rewards Program:
  • Rewards are based on dollars spent
  • X amount $ spent = X Points
  • Merchant chooses reward to give for accumulated point levels. *Receipt message notes reward
  • Ex: Spend $100 Receive a $10 gift card, etc.